What can an electrician expect their average salary to be in 2015?

If we use the statistics from JIB they will inform us that an electrician’s average salary here in the UK is currently running at £30,500. Listed below you will see a list of different regions in the UK and the average salary for each of those regions and whether or not the average salary is rising or falling in each of these locations.

Of course, which is quite often the case London currently enjoys the highest salary at a whopping £36,028.14 which compared with the national average is 18% higher. The lowest region in the UK for an electrician’s average salary is Birmingham, their salaries are currently running at £27,183.77 which compared with the national average is 11% lower.

The amount of money an electrician earns of course depends on their contracts with the company they are employed by and the region they are working in. Check with the list to see where the best earnings are for electricians in the UK and how your region compares with the others.

What if you’re self employed?

Well to put it simply if you’re self employed you are in a very lucky position as you get to set your own wages and can charge whatever you want, you just have to work out the cost of materials and your travelling expenses and then you set your own charges.

The majority of electricians who are self employed will usually charge between £20.00 and £50.00 an hour, of course this all depends on the work that needs to be carried out and the location of the job and also where the job is being carried out.

The salary you get when you’re a self employed electrician really is down to how much work you want to take on and a good marketing campaign will see your work load increasing so your business keeps getting bigger and bigger if that’s what you’re aiming for in the long run.

The majority of self employed electricians will have their own website and will advertise in the best way they can and hopefully if you’ve done good work previously you will have lots of referrals from previous clients.

Salaries by regions located in the UK.

Location Salary +- % Compared to Average
London £36:028.14 +18%
Bristol £32:669.58 +7%
Portsmouth £32:364.26 +6%
Brighton £32:058.94 +5%
Glasgow £32:058.94 +5%
Plymouth £32:058.94 +5%
Cardiff £31:753.61 +4%
Northampton £31:448.29 +3%
Norwich £31:142.97 +2%
National Average £30:500.00 +0%
Nottingham £29:921.67 -2%
Sheffield £29:616.35 -3%
Manchester £29:005.70 -5%
Shrewsbury £27:784.41 -9%
Birmingham £27:173.77 -11%
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So there you have it, electricians whether working for companies or those who are self employed are currently enjoying good salaries here in the UK and it really is a good industry to be involved in. Average salaries are generally on the up with the top being London and the South West, with the average salary for the whole of the UK being £30,500.

So if you’re interested in becoming an electrician now is the best time to get training and get involved with this exciting industry that other electricians are currently enjoying.