City & Guilds Pat Testing Courses

Here I’m going to let you know all about the City & Guilds PAT testing courses and which ones will suit your requirements and I’ll also tell you how once completed they will add to your work portfolio and could boost your income.

The City & Guilds PAT 2377-22 and 32 testing courses include both theory and practical elements and is usually completed in two days. The courses cover everything that’s required to reach your goal of achieving City & Guilds qualifications.

The course is completed in two days and is actually 2 PAT testing courses all rolled into one. The course covers the 2377-22 and also the 2377-32 City &Guilds qualifications.

The PAT testing course is ideal for anyone wanting to take full control of the whole portable appliance testing for their company or they can even carry out work for other companies. PAT testing courses are open to all and are a great way of adding extra skills to your work portfolio and also the added bonus of extra income.

PAT testing courses are perfect for those who want to offer PAT testing services and if this is the case you would be advised to take both the 2377-22 and also the 2377-32 City & Guilds qualifications.

If however you are totally new to working with electrics then you would be advised to take the 3 day PAT testing course.

How will the PAT testing course help me?

Well let’s start b saying that the City &Guilds PAT testing course is a very popular one indeed and is a great way of offering another service to your portfolio and the added bonus of extra income. The course has been upgraded so that it meets with the new requirements so everything is totally up to date. The course also forms with part of the IET Centre of Excellence thanks to the quality of the course.

Who can take the PAT testing courses?

Anyone can learn PAT testing as a new skill as long as you’re over the age of 18, landlords takes the course as well as office maintenance staff so absolutely anyone can give it a go. If you have carried out previous electrical work then that’s fantastic but it’s not necessary you can start from absolute scratch, so please don’t be put off and think I can’t do it because it’s open for all. If however you don’t have any previous experience then of course you could take the 3 day PAT testing course which would cover all the basics.

Regulations insist that absolutely everything in a commercial environment must be tested and certified to make sure they are safe and can be used. All levels of industry require this service as it’s absolutely essential that everything works properly. Electrical contractors see PAT testing services as lucrative and essential for their business to grow.

What is included in the City &Guilds 2377-22 and the 2377-32 PAT testing courses?

For the best possible return on not only your time but also on your money you should take the two of these together as many candidates do.

The two courses include:

City &Guilds 2377-32 Management Requirements for the maintenance of electrical equipment

City &Guilds 2377-22 In service inspection and testing of electrical equipment

So if you are planning on taking the two courses together you’ll be able to offer PAT testing services and you’ll also be able to manage all the business side of PAT testing for a company. You will also be able to manage the operators who are carrying out the inspections.

This is what will be included should you take the two courses combined:

  • Electrical safety
  • Practical disciplines and formal recording processes and preparing for the exams
  • Insulation and earthing
  • Regulations and responsibilities
  • Preliminary inspection and test precautions
  • Classification of appliances
  • Optional tests
  • Essential tests
  • Reporting and labelling results
  • Recording results
  • Practical assessment
  • Implementing a test programme
  • Types, use and testing of electrical equipment
  • Law and scope of relevant legislation
  • Procedures, user responsibility and documentation
  • Categories, practicalities and frequency of PAT testing
  • Appropriate test instruments and how to use them
  • Identify training required for PAT testing.

To sum up

So as you can see taking the City & Guilds 2377-22 and 32 really do add to your portfolio and will open up your horizons regarding the services you can offer either to your own customers or your companies services. Anyone can take the courses so it’s well worth giving it a try and you could end up with a City &Guilds certificate if you’re successful. If you have previous experience you can go straight for the two day course and if you have no experience whatsoever fear not all you have to do is go for the three day course where all the basics are also added to the course.